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Finding a Pure You!

From Muscle Soreness and Arthritis Relief to Scalp Stimulation and Hair Growth.  There is always a solution to a problem, that solution is Pure Life Butter.  

The Basis of Pure Life Butter were founded upon the African/Kemetic Principles of Maat which stand for Love, Truth, Balance, Order, Harmony, Reciprocity, Innerstanding, Morality and Justice. 

We take our time in creating the perfect product for the perfect people; products that not only feels good and smell good, but products that actually work; helping to repair, strengthen, and maintain a Purer You! 


Pure Life Butter was created only with pure ingredients, herbal solutions, and essential oils.

Pure Products, Pure Ingredients, Pure Life.

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Helping  people from all over the world become a better you. We don't like to talk about Pure Life Butter, we would rather the users of the products speak for themselves.​

Want to know if our products really work. Read the reviews from our amazing customers and clients that have tried 

Pure Life Butter.

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Real Time Testimonials



Overall rating:   4.8 out of 5 based on 13 reviews.  



have been a user of the 100% all natural pure life butter!

    ★★★★★  “I  have been a user of the 100% all natural pure life butter products by  Pure Life Butter. It has helped the stiffness in my neck, knees and  legs. It has made the lower part of my  stomach feel so much better from the soreness and discomfort that I have  had on that part of my body. I also suffer from Carpel Tunnel syndrome  in my wrists. My wrists are less painful since I have been using "100%  All Natural Pure Life Butter." I highly recommend the use of this  product to others. Sincerely, Shirley B Georgia, USA”

 - Shirley B.; Georgia, USA    


My knees feel so much better

    ★★★★☆  “I  have been using the product for some six to eight weeks now roughly  since February and I began noticing a difference in the flexibility of  my knees. Particularly my left knee as  it was quite stiff, and I was unable kneel on it. After about three to  four weeks of using the product my left knee wasn't as stiff, and I was  able to kneel on it. The product has helped my knees to become more  flexible. I would recommend the product to anyone with joint or muscle  stiffness.”
- James Otis G., Ohio, USA




I have seen new growth in my hair!

    ★★★★★  “We  are delighted to write this letter informing you about the wonders of'  Pure Life Butter has improved our bodies, and our standard of life. My  husband Clarence has been confined to  his rocking chair for the last five or more years. Since using the Pure  Life Butter, he is now up and about more during the day. He massages his  feet and ankles twice a day, and sometimes three. He is 85 years old,  and so happy to experience a higher quality of movements in is joints  and less swelling in his ankles. Lastly, I am also happy with the Pure  Life Butter. I use the Pure Life Butter on my face, and I use the  lavender to relax my body when preparing to go to bed. The lavender  always relaxes my body for a good nights sleep. I rub the lavender  butter under my nose also when preparing for a restful breathing  experience while sleeping each night. Sincerely, Clarence & Vera W.”             - Clarence & Vera W.; Ohio, USA  




Thank you Pure Life Butter for making a genius and beautiful product

    ★★★★★  “I  have been using “Pure Life Butter” for the last 3 months and have seen  remarkable results from using this product on my body. I have noticed  scars fade from my hands, felt the  results of joint relief around my wrist joints, my the hair treatment of  the product has drastically changed the texture of my hair to a  noticeably stronger and fuller look which I find hard to believe but  true. There is no doubt that I will continue to use this product. It has  been a great benefit to my body and health. Thank you Pure Life Butter  for creating a genius and beautiful product that has changed my life!”

- Marc M., Maryland USA



I am 87 years old and I have suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis all of my adult life.

    ★★★★★  “My  name is Lucille Brown and I am 87 years old and I have suffered from  Rheumatoid Arthritis all of my adult life. I began using The Pure Life  Butter Joint Relief in January 23, 2015  on my entire body to see if I could find some relief and enjoy a better  quality of life in my old age. Pure Life Butter joint relief helped  relieve the inflammation in my wrist, elbows, shoulder, arms and neck.  The product also helped to reduce the pain in my hips and knees as I  recommend it to any one suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. Lucille  Brown -Ohio, USA”

- Lucille Brown; Ohio, USA  



I have been using Pure Life Butter for one full year

    ★★★★★  “I  have been using Pure Life Butter for one full year every Day and before  I started using it I had really bad knee pain sometime the pain would  more down my leg and into my foot, I am  happy to say I'm still using Pure Life Butter and not only has it  stopped my pain but it has also removed the stretchmarks around my  knees. I have started using it on my stomach area now to remove the  stretchmarks. Sincerely, K. Williams Maryland, USA”

- K. Williams; Maryland, USA



For my skin and hair, I prefer to use products that are made with 100% natural and healthy

    ★★★★★  “For  my skin and hair, I prefer to use products that are made with 100%  natural and healthy ingredients and that will give me the best results.  Pure Life Butter products are in  perfect alignment with my health and wellness daily regimen. My skin and  scalp says thank you every time I apply one of their products. For my  back and joint pain, I use the Peppermint & Eucalyptus skin cream  mainly at night to get a sound and restful sleep. For my daily use, I  love the Pure Life Butter with Lavender fragrance. The scents are  balanced and pleasant without being too strong. I have dry skin so the  cream feels silky and stays on all day. My skin is now always soft and  moist. I have also used the Hair & Scalp treatment because my hair  was thinning in a particular area around my edges. It promoted my hair  to fill in and grow, the thinning area is gone. The owners also are very  knowledgeable, professional and sincerely care about their customers  and products. They gave me advice on the best product to order to fit my  needs. I highly recommend Pure Life Butter! — Alice, S. Florida, USA”

- Alice, M.; Florida, USA


Hair Treatment 1 and Treatment 2

    ★★★★★  “I've  been a user of Pure Life Butter for a year and I truly love it!! My  hair is growing and it is softer than before I began using the product. I  recommend this product to all interested in bringing a quality sheen and life back to their hair.”
- Ms. Pat; Maryland, USA


Thank you Pure Life Butter

    ★★★★★  “My  name is Emil and I am a Massage Practitioner since 1999. I have been  using a Pure Life Butter products especially a Wintergreen version and I  have to tell you that me and my  clientele are absolutely in love with it! Besides I enjoy using it in my  practice every day, my clients do get an astonishing results from my  applications! Thank you Pure Life Butter for your Great Input in Our  Wellness! Sincerely, Emil at Be-WellSpa.com”
- Emil C., Maryland USA


Amazing Product

    ★★★★★  “My  2 month old grandson was experiencing a terrible bout of heat rash  under his neck, on his turso, and on his legs. It was suggested to me to  use Pure Life Butter (Unscented)  because of the natural ingredients would not harm his skin. After  applying on him several times a day, his rash was clearing up in matter  of days. I also utilized the same product when my grandson scratched his  nose and forehead. Again, Pure Life Butter (Unscented) heal those  scratched in no time! I decided to purchase another Pure Life Butter  (Lavender) product to assist with my grandson fussiness at night. I  applied the cream on my grandson after his bath in the evening. At two  months, he as sleeping longer through the night! I could not believe it.  Pure Life Butter has been a life saver in our household. I am going to  try other products for myself. Thank you Pure Life Butter!”
- Maire B., Ohio, USA


The “Pure Life Butter” has help to diminish the numbness in my feet

    ★★★★★  “I  have used “Pure Life Butter” for almost a year. It is helpful to my  body in so many ways. It has made a positive difference regarding the  arthritis in my joints, and the life  butter has taken out the swelling in my knees and fingers. The “Pure  Life Butter” has help to diminish the numbness in my feet which is  caused by many years of suffering from an under active thyroid. With  thyroid problems I’ve suffered from hair loss. Now that I rub each  morning the peppermint life butter into my hair and massage it gently  into my scalp, I have a new growth that has filled in and thickened my  hair so much………I’m truly happy and grateful for this product. When I  pack my bags to go out of town, I never leave home without my “Pure Life  Butter” ……. it’s so good. I rub the lavender on my arms and face at  night. It helps me to sleep well throughout the night. The above  information is my testimony of a wonderful product that has been good  for me, my family and friends. I would love to see “Pure Life Butter”  benefit and improve the life style of many people as it has for me, my  family and friends.”
- Oliver G., Maryland USA


The Whole Family uses Pure Life Butter

    ★★★★★  “Our  family is an early adopter of Pure Life Butter and we have used it for  years. My mom uses it on her scalp it has promoted hair growth, while I  use it to soften my skin. We have a variety of skin care issues and we have benefited from the product. Thank you”
- Sherry T. Maryland USA


My skin has been very well hydrated even removing some of my wrinkles

    ★★★★☆  “My  skin has been very well hydrated even removing some of my wrinkles. I  typically have very dry skin in the fall and winter months and have to  make sure it is well lubricated  throughout the day. With these products, I just had to apply it once in  the morning and my skin was sufficiently moisturized and soft throughout  the entire day. I highly recommend the use of this product to others.”
- Janet B; Florida, USA